Our Story

Megan Goodacre knitting designer

Megan Goodacre is a UX designer and knitting designer. She has been knitting for over thirty years, and is the realist on the Tricksy Knitter team.

When she's not knitting, she's evangelizing about UX and shared understanding for Shopify in Ottawa, Ontario.

Her knitting designs have been published in Interweave Knit.Wear, Twist Collective, Creative Knitting, and Knit Magazine.

Megan is the author of Idiot's Guide to Knitting on Amazon and Idiot's Guide to Knitting Sweaters on Amazon, by Alpha Books.


Charles Jaimet for Tricksy Knitter

Charles Jaimet is a software developer, media strategist, and all around giddy optimist who thinks clouds only exist to produce silver linings.

He does the non-yarn-related techie stuff for Tricksy, when he's not playing D&D with the kids or spoiling the dog.

Charles had been knitting for precisely zero years, but he can tie a butterfly knot one-handed while clinging to the side of a cliff, so that's something.